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    Default Speed dating with frags.... I will go first with some Afteliers

    This isn't my idea. It has come from noirdrakkers suggestion here. I wasn't sure where to put it but it's fun.

    Here goes for a quickie. I couldn't put a rate to them this fast. They need a proper wearing to do that.

    Perfum Privee
    Ambergris + botanical musk + florals

    A lush and personal perfume originally made for Mandys own use but it was too beautiful not to share. Only made from the beautiful and the best ingredients. Rich and spicy, almost boozy.

    Yellow mandarin + red cedar wood + you name it and it's in there

    Like the pudding table after a wild seaside party by the woods and you've got to the liqueurs, coffee and chocs stage… all of it at once. Classed as a dry woods….really? Voted the best of 2012 by quite a few.

    Cepes and Tuberose
    Bois de Rose + tuberose/Moroccan rose + cepes/benzoin

    This is an unusual take on tuberose and one that succeeds. Worth a snifter. Two whopping ingredients playing together in quite a delicate way. Classed as a fougere. One of the 100 to try apparently.

    fir/grapefruit + pink pepper/jasmine sambac + Africa Stone/fir

    Gourmand classification. Very full on figgy without any fig here. Clever perfumery to fool the nose.

    Secret Garden
    Bergamot/rose/orange + jasmine sambac/raspberry/rose/lotus + civet/castoreum/deer tongue plant/vanilla/benzoin/patchouli

    Floral Oriental. Full on Secret Garden as it says on the label.

    Honey flower note + honeysuckle/lotus/boronia + green tea/ambergris

    Floral. Watery floral with tea and incense vibe back up. A feeling of a floral rather than the actual thing. Finalist FiFi award 2011.

    orange/ginger + coffee/champaka + choya/tobacco/tonka

    Dry woods. Complicated spicy party boozy thing like a fruity mulled juice with a smoky feel somewhere near the beach. I wouldn't have said woods.

    Haute Claire
    Galbanum/lime/orange + honeysuckle/ylang/clary sage + vetiver/honeyflower note/vanilla

    Green. Rich honey flower grass. Sweet and delicious. I could eat this on ice cream.

    Oud Luban
    Elemi/orange/frankincense + oud/benzoin/patchouli

    Eight Ouds apparently in here but very gently in the background like a fluffy cat instead of a tiger. Still has claws but not drawn. I really like this one but I would like more claws. Tested in solid form.

    Green peppers + mint +?+?

    Bitter initially and peppery with cloves and mint with maybe pine too. It is hard to place this perfume… it moves around.
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    Default Re: Speed dating with frags.... I will go first with some Afteliers

    Oh, wow, mumsy! I totally missed this post. Thanks for these quick notes from this line. I have not tried anything from the line, but will look through and see if anything strikes my fancy to sample. And I saw NoirDrakkar's post too, and thought I may do the Exclusifs or something.


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    Default Re: Speed dating with frags.... I will go first with some Afteliers

    Freddie has described them in far greater and beautiful detail on his wonderful blog Smellythoughts.
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