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    Default Decants on airplane

    Decants on airplane
    My friends are bringing 7 small atomizers (5-10-20ML) of perfume decants back from the US to Europe. They are flying Lufthansa. The 7 bottles are well packed with scotch-tape around the cap, bubble wrap etc in 1 a paper posting box and a t-shirt around. All together 80ML.
    Do you know whether it is allowed if it is not in your on boarding bag, but a luggage which you check in?
    Any advice is highly appreciated.
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    Default Re: Decants on airplane

    In checked baggage you should be OK.

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    Im quite sure the limit is 100ml per container in the cabin luggage. I would have asked at check in to be sure though.

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    Default Re: Decants on airplane

    I flew in February (KLM) and a friend of mine two weeks back (Swiss), both carrying about 200 ml of fragrance in the checked in luggage. No problem.

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    I don't think there is any specific rules in the checked in luggage (besides the obvious things like drugs, weapons etc..)
    It's the bag you might carry on board that have regulations.

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    Default Re: Decants on airplane

    Thank you all.
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    Default Baggage

    Hi mate, you can carry up to 100 ml in clear bottles in hand luggage. There's no limit to what you carry in the hold (suitcase).

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    Default Re: Decants on airplane

    The rules on carry on are clear:

    No bottle can exceed 100ml

    The bottle does not have to be clear.

    Big bottles should be retail and clearly state the quantity in mls on them. Don't try to carry a 100 ml decant in a generic bottle. It may get conficasted.

    All your bottles must fit in a single quart-sized CLEAR plastic bag.

    Your liquid allowance includes all gels, creams and pastes including Vaseline, toothpaste etc

    There are no restrictions on checked in luggage.

    I'm a very frequent traveller. Never been caught out by the rules. Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Decants on airplane

    Great help from anyone. Thank you.
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