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    Default Re: Pet Peeve of Reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by JON RODGERS View Post
    Agree word for word. My own nose will ultimately make any decision but I still always appreciate a broad cross section of opinions beforehand. Respect and thanks to those who make the effort.

    Also agree
    l also agree on both counts!
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    Default Re: Pet Peeve of Reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by lpp View Post
    I didn't realise that anyone might blind buy on someone else's review.
    Surely the point of having as many reviews as possible available is to gather a broad picture of a scent?
    Sometimes, one may have similar tastes to one person and radically different to another.
    But I'm no 'nose', just a long time hobbyist.
    I've definitely blind-bought on the basis of single reviews! But this is after reading for a while and finding that there are posters out there (and some here) who seem to have similar tastes to mine. It's not just about the quality of the review (and I do think we kid ourselves if we pretend that any review is a good review; there's a lot of bad perfume writing out there), but also the particular likes and dislikes of the writer. With some experience, a blind buy is slightly less risky.
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    Default Re: Pet Peeve of Reviews

    People are free to review fragrances any which way they like. And so they should be. You don't have to take notice.

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    Default Re: Pet Peeve of Reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by 30 Roses View Post
    His reviews did follow a pattern, but they were well thought out and interesting, and some have posted that they miss them.

    Edit: If he is reading this, I would like to wish him a Happy Easter and that I hope all is well with him.

    It'd be creepy as hell if he were stalking us. Suits him .
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    Default Re: Pet Peeve of Reviews

    @Kagey - good point.

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