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    Default Straight to Heaven/Vintage Tabarome & other rare Creeds/Coccobello/Bond9Hamptons/Balenciaga/SAMPLES!

    Please write (email) me at [email protected], if interested.

    Paypal Only (PalPal fees, if applicable, are paid by buyer)


    Need a sample? Ask me if I have it!

    If you don't think the price on a certain cologne is fair, please make an offer that you believe is more reasonable.

    All have boxes/caps, unless otherwise indicated. *Note: Tester bottles may NOT have a cap or box!

    Balenciaga Ho Hang Club, Bond No. 9 Hamptons, Heeley Oranges & Lemons, L'Essence de Cerruti, and Reyane Insurrection are 99%+ (spritzed 1-3 times to test).

    Prices include shipping if total amount of sale is over $80.00.

    Additional pictures and information upon request.


    Vintage Tabarome Private Collection provided in a genuine 1.7 oz/50 ml camel Creed atomizer - $695.00 - One of the most desired, collectible and rare colognes in the world. Vintage Tabarome is no longer made and no longer available. Compare my Vintage Tabarome prices to those found on eBay!

    2 of these atomizers are available. Serious inquiries only.

    Selection Verte 2.5 oz tester - $249.00 (2 of these are available and are unused). No cap, as they are testers. CREED does not make Selection Verte in a spray bottle, only flacons, which is too much for most people. So the testers are a great option. This is a fantastic summer cologne with beautiful citrus and mint.

    Citrus Bigarrade 2.5 oz - $275.00 (Approx. 90%+ with original box). Discontinued and rarely seen anywhere, even on eBay. One of the best citrus fragrances ever by CREED.

    Other popular fragrances:

    By Kilian Straight to Heaven 50 ml (Bottle only) *Note: Hard to see in the pic, but the lower right portion of front of bottle has approx. a quarter-sized area where the black has flaked off) - $190.00 (This item is priced at $260 on Luckyscent)

    Heeley Coccobello 3.3 oz - New in Box - $135.00 - Heeley's tropical beach fragrance. Rarely found at a discount from its usual price of $180.00

    Bond No. 9 Hamptons 3.3 oz - $128.00

    Heeley Oranges and Lemons Say the Bells of St. Clement's 3.3 oz - $130.00 - A great summer citrus scent by Heeley. Rarely found at a discount from its usual price of $180.00

    L'Essence de Cerruti 1.7 oz - $20.00

    Balenciaga Ho Hang Club 1.6 oz - $12.00

    Reyane Insurrection 3.3 oz - $10.00

    Balenciaga Pour Homme 4 ml mini - $6.00


    Parfums de Nicolai Women's Discovery Pack, 7 samples - $22.00 - Sample set includes 1.2ml each of Eau D'ete, Odalisque, and Balle De Match, and .7 ml each of Violette In Love, Week-End, Juste Un Reve, and Le Temps D'une Fete.

    Other samples, including:

    Atelier Cologne: 12 post card 2 ml fragrances, including Orange Sanguine, Grand Neroli, Bois Blonds, Trefle Pur, Cedrat Enivrant, Oolang Infini, Vanille Insensee, Ambre Nue, Rose Anonyme, Mistral Patchouli, Gold Leather, and Silver Iris ($2.00 each)

    Bvlgari: Eau Parfumee Au the Vert Extreme - ($3)

    Cartier: Declaration, Declaration Cologne, D'un Soir, Essence, Roadster, Eau Tres Fraiche - ($3 each)

    Chanel: Allure Homme Sport ($2.00), Platinum Egoiste ($2.00) and Egoiste 4 ml mini-bottle ($4.00)

    Charenton Macerations: Christopher Street 1.5 ml sample - ($4.00)

    Creed Acqua Line: Vetiver Geranium, Aberdeen Lavender - ($5.00 each)

    Gucci: Gucci Envy for Men - ($3.00)

    Histories de Parfums: 1969, 1725, 1740, 1828, Rosam, Tubereuse 3 - ($3.00 each)

    L'Artisan: Passage D'Enfer, Patchouli Patch, Timbuktu, Traversee du Bosphore - ($3.00 each)

    Masque Milano Russian Tea - $5.00

    Parfums de Marly: Godolphin, Pegasus and Shagya - ($3.00 each)

    Parfums de Nicolai Cuir Cuba Intense - ($3.00)

    Thierry Mugler: Mugler Cologne, Pure Malt, Pure Leather, A*Men, A Taste of Fragrance - ($3.00 each)

    Miscellaneous: HiM by Hanae Mori, 24 Gold, Guerlain Homme - ($2.00 each)
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    Basenotes sales: By Kilian Straight to Heaven, Heeley Coccobello, Many collectible/discontinued CREEDs (Vintage Tabarome, Citrus Bigarrade, Selection Verte), Bond No. 9 Hamptons, Heeley Oranges & Lemons, L'Essence de Cerruti, Balenciaga Ho Hang Club, Reyane Insurrection, numerous popular SAMPLES!!

    Offsite sales: By Kilian Straight to Heaven, Heeley Coccobello, Vintage Tabarome, Selection Verte, Citrus Bigarrade), Tom Ford Noir de Noir, By Kilian Prelude to Love, Bond No. 9 Hamptons, Heeley Oranges & Lemons, L'Essence de Cerruti, Balenciaga Ho Hang Club, Reyane Insurrection, numerous popular SAMPLES! and

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