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    Default Chypre Palatin and IFRA (cont.)

    For those who followed this thread earlier, here is an email from Parfums MDCI you may find interesting.


    Dear Mr. Aragon,

    "Chypre Palatin", a floral green chypre, is indeed compliant with IFRA 's latest amendment ( like all our fragrances, by the way).

    Today more than ever, and most likely less than tomorrow, the perfumer's task is very much complicated by the new guidelines- that's what they are- for the moment, guidelines, not rules or directives- and he has to play with what is available in terms of ingredients and orchestrate the whole to reach the desired effect, while stricktly remaining within the limits.

    In the present case, Bertrand Duchaufour's talent becomes obvious: the oakmoss is present but in "legal" quantities, that mean almost as a trace, while the other ingredients of the base notes in particular - benjamin, styrax, leather, castoreum, tolu, vanilla, costus, everlasting flower absolute, all blend perfectly and powerfully enough to make for the low amount of oakmoss.

    The formula is in general rich and quite complex:
    head-notes :hyancinth, clementine, aldehydes, cistus oil, galbanum , thyme oil, lavender,
    heart-notes : rose, jasmine, iris concrete, plum, gardenia

    I hope that this answers your question, if not please feel welcome to call again,

    Yours very truly,

    Claude Marchal

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    Default Re: Chypre Palatin and IFRA (cont.)

    Very interesting and thanks for the post. Claude had wrote me a month ago assuring me that the leaking bottles had been resolved. He is truly a nice guy. Anyways, it makes you wonder how the fragrance would have turned out with no artistic restraints. Still, it is a magnificent fragrance!
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    Default Re: Chypre Palatin and IFRA (cont.)

    Very interesting. This is one of my very favorites right now, and definitely worth the price. I remember talking to Claude a few times via email, and each time he came across and very sincere and genuine. Definitely the kind of person that deserves the fragrance community's support.
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    Default Re: Chypre Palatin and IFRA (cont.)

    Thanks for this info - interesting.

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    Default Re: Chypre Palatin and IFRA (cont.)

    Is there a point responding?

    He was banned.
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    Default Re: Chypre Palatin and IFRA (cont.)

    Well its good information and shows how MDCI does business, and as assumed, compliant. I am a huge fan of IB, Topkapi and especially CP. Good to know.
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    Default Re: Chypre Palatin and IFRA (cont.)

    Well, sharing the email was a thoughtful parting gift . . .

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    Default Re: Chypre Palatin and IFRA (cont.)

    Yeah he couldn't have been banned for this, quite nice and informative

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