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    Default West Third Brand.... anyone tried their fragrances?

    I found this U.S. made fragrance line @ a few local clothing boutiques.... The fragrances would seem to be natural based and I have found the longevity to be quite good considering the reasonable price (around $30.00). The fragrance I have fallen for and purchased is called Old Bourbon... The West Third Brand lists the notes as follows: A rich blend of sandalwood, cedar & vetiver layered with amyris, patchouli, coumarin, citrus peel, benzoin with a hint of Vanilla. You can check out their offerings on their website along with a list of retailers that carry their product. Their fragrances are well worth investigating!

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    Default Re: West Third Brand.... anyone tried their fragrances?

    Never heard of this company before.

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    Default Re: West Third Brand.... anyone tried their fragrances?

    I have! I own their Amber Bound and Vanille de Santos. I really, really like their scents especially for the price.

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    Default Re: West Third Brand.... anyone tried their fragrances?

    Yes I have. I have their Tonic Body spray - Tobacco 1812. It is a great brand of cologne I hope it picks up for them. Definitely worth checking out.

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    Default Re: West Third Brand.... anyone tried their fragrances?

    Just picked up tobacco 1812. Really natural pipe tobacco smell. I'm really like it so far.

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    Default Re: West Third Brand.... anyone tried their fragrances?

    Dudes - thank goodness some BNers were paying attention to this one. This is interesting, quality stuff - it's like a weird cross between industry perfumery and artisan. It has artisan sensibilities and "stick to the basics" on design, but industry attention to the basics of perfumery. So it just smells good. Kind of like a more authentic version of some of these brands that try to come off as "plain old cologne" but end up seeming more like "plain old generic industry juice" or "designer in brown paper drag". I am very curious who the perfumers are.

    The "retro chic" on the brand is enjoyable, too, and the price is hard to argue with.

    I stumbled on this line in a store today, and was really taken by their "Old Bourbon". I almost bought it based on the paper test, but was advised to test on skin, and my skin just destroyed it after 10 minutes. Too bad - it was very impressive in the opening. HOWEVER - I then tried their "Vintage Leather" - OMG - total bliss - bought one for me and one for a leather-loving friend! It held up nicely on my skin - almost linear but slightly softens on drydown to a pleasant landing. But the leather is most awesome. Cowboy leather that shoots first and asks questions later! I would liken it to a version of Lonestar Memories that keeps the new leather but gets rid of the smoke and chypre, and behaves like Creed's Royal English Leather. It's less dandy and more cowboy, but it's still classy stuff with the smoothness of high-quality leather goods. I could wear this to work, but I think that women who love leather will like it, too. Definitely worth $28 bucks.

    It's another facet of American niche - "Americaniche" - whatever you want to call it. Definitely not Slumberhouse - West Third is low on art but high on craft and "just smells good". I need to smell more of the line, because some of the names sound like they're a bit more ambitious on artistry, but the ones I smelled seem more like they're crafted to please - strong, but not too challenging. And nothing at all like Juniper Ridge, etc. Maybe closer to D. & S. Durga, but less novel and more polished.

    And - I don't have any idea if this means what I hope it means - but the back of the box reminds me of vintage fragrance in ONE MORE WAY.....


    Just like the old days.

    Interesting links:

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