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    Default Recently discontinued or reformulated

    I thought I'd make a thread to let people inform others about recent or soon to be discontinued fragrances or fragrances that has recently been reformulated for the worst.

    There's so many threads popping up about has it or hasn't it been reformulated eg. the recent Amen one so I though I'd try to make a definite thread.

    As a starter, it seems like the Creed EdTs are all on their way out soon so snap them up while you still can!
    Creed Aventus lid wanted: please pm if you can help

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    I've heard from two different vendors now that Idole de Lubin EdT has been discontinued in favour of the EdP. Which is a shame!

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    Default Re: Recently discontinued or reformulated

    It would really need to be a sticky thread or else it will just get lost in a sea of similar threads. I've noticed some Coty reformulations into blandness, IMO of course. These would include Cool Water, Nautica Voyage, and Grey Flannel.

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