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Thread: orange and mint

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    Default orange and mint

    Hi, everyone. I have been using this awesome soap (they call it Zum Bar) by a company called Indigo Wild, and one of the soap fragrances is called Citrus Mint. The scent itself is the perfect combination of fresh green spearmint and orange (with maybe a hint of lime). This is a mouthwatering and uplifting, good-mood inducing combination and I wonder if anyone has any suggestions of fragrances that may match this scent profile. I'm sure geranium/citrus could work as well. I'm looking forward to your responses, if such a thing exists.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: orange and mint

    Darley by Parfums de Marly

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    Thanks, hednic... It's going on the list.

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    nthny, Joe P and I were just talking about you the other day...nice to see you round BN again, you've been missed.

    I can't for the life of me think of a mint/orange suggestion right now, but I'm interesting in hearing what others have to say and also getting that Zum soap you've mentioned it sounds great.
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    Mike!! Hiii. Thanks for the kind words I bought my soap at a small health food store, but I know that Whole Foods carries it as well. It's a little hippy smelling, too, which I kinda like.

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    Eau d'orange verte by Hermes

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    A bit more grapefruit & mint, but Geurlain Homme L'eau has a nice combo of citrus & mint IMO

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    You might like Armani Code Sport.

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    Thanks guys. I have the Hermes and love it. It's not quite the mint level I'm looking for but definitely in the citrus realm. I've never sniffed the Guerlain Homme L'eau or Code Sport, and most definitely will.

    By the way, I checked this Indigo Wild website and they actually do have body sprays and oils. I didn't see citrus and mint, though there were some other enticing combos.

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    As it happens I am wearing a fragrance this morning that is orange and mint. It may not have as strong mint as you are looking for but I find it refreshing, even invigorating to a degree. Fragrance is The Different Company Limon di Cordoza. Created by perfumer Emille Cooperman, the notes as listed on Luckyscent are: Bitter orange, mandarin zest, mint leaves, neroli, freesia, patchouli, vetiver, guaiac wood. The primary difference between this one and Guerlain Homme L' Eau (Thierry Wasser) is the Guerlain smells of lime/grapefruit not orange as much, but the Guerlain has stronger mint and geranium as well. Notes are: bergamot, grapefruit, mint, geranium, rum and lime. The Guerlain Homme L' Eau was my first thought, but I like both.
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    My first thought was Live Jazz. Again not Orange, but has that "clash" that can happen with Citrus and Mint that is so mouthwatering.
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    Also, though neither orange nor mint are explicitly, directly listed, I truly sense that Eau de Pamplemousse Rose by Hermes has a quite strong, also quite refreshing and invigorating orange-mint vibe.

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    What about Caron's L'Anarchiste.
    Although it has orange blossom instead of orange fruit, it was the first thing that came to mind.
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    Default Re: orange and mint

    These all sound spectacular, and a few of them I've had on the back burner to try for a while now. Thanks everyone, so much, for the thoughtful recommendations! I'm going to try them all.

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    Jacomo Paradox Blue pairs a blood orange note with mint for the main accord. There's also a hefty dose of cardamom in there. Very nice scent, and very underrated.
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    Default Re: orange and mint

    Thanks, TC. I'll look it up!

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    I can't think of any better suggestion than Live Jazz

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    Citrus mint is excellent.

    Their Eucalyptus room spray is fantastic - very natural smelling.

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    Though it is lemon and neroli, I would suggest Selection Verte and Jacques Fath Green Water.

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    I use this soap too lol, from Whole Foods. Jack Black signature is VERY similar I find.
    Nordstroms carries it.

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    Without a doubt, you are looking for Xerjoff 1861.

    The most natural mint and citrus scented frag on the market. Great longevity for a citrus frag too

    Expensive to say the least but its top quality juice for sure

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    Some very good suggestions here...I would recommend Faconnable for Men.

    Wonderful fresh Mandarin Orange (and Orange Blossom) with a nice fresh mint note.

    Very inexpensive & the smell is wonderfully vibrant & elegant...cheers,

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    I'd recommend either Kenzo Pour Homme Sport or Kenzo Boise (Woody)

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    Default Re: orange and mint


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    The only fragrances that I know of with orange and mint, albeit these notes aren't exclusive, are:

    Eau D'Orange Vert

    Tangerine Very by Miller Harris

    Nouveau Bowery by Bond 9

    None of these have a hippie vibe per se.
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    Default Re: orange and mint

    You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for the suggestions. I can't wait to place my sample order. These will all be on it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ps I bought a somewhat inexpensive mint oil water spray and have been spraying it over Declaration and Eau d'orange Vert and it's keeping me temporarily satisfied. This water spray though has no staying power but it's really amazing what you learn when you add a very simple ingredient to a pre existing fragrance. I sprayed the mint over Grey Vetiver just for kicks and it reminded me after a while of Bleecker Street. I can imagine this orange mint effect could be awesomely achieved by mixing Bigarade Concentree and Geranium Pour Homme but I'm really excited to try your suggestions to find something that has already been composed to achieve this effect. Thanks again!
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    Default Re: orange and mint

    You could also try Erik Kormann's Eau de Frohlich No.2: bergamot and prominent peppermint on top of lovely frankincense. Just sampled this and was blown away. The mint maintains its presence quite well.
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    Default Re: orange and mint

    MPG's Secret Melange - orange & clove or perhaps I should say CLOVE & orange, with the clove throwing off a minty vibe (to me, at least).
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    Default Re: orange and mint

    Sounds like the new one from Eau d'Italie called ACQUA DECIMA would be a perfect fit.

    The gold of lemons and mandarins, the warmth of Neroli, the fresh coolness of petitgrain, enlivened by zesty notes of mint leaves. The result is a fragrance which from the very first notes inevitably brings a smile to one’s face and the immediate good mood we feel when we recognize classic notes we love. Acqua Decima is the fragrance that reflects the sunniest feelings we have inside.

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    Default Re: orange and mint

    Thanks again, guys. these add-ons sound great. And the marketing blurb about Acqua Decima describes what I am looking for better than I could have.

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