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    Default Google Nose What Tomorrow's Date Is

    Google Nose, in beta. Suuuuuuuuuure

    The new scentsation in search

    Coming to your senses: go beyond type, talk, and touch for a new notation of sensation.
    Your internet sommelier: expertly curated Knowledge Panels pair images, descriptions, and aromas.
    Take a wiff: the Google Aromabase - 15M+ scentibytes.
    Don't ask, don't smell: For when you're wary of your query - SafeSearch included.
    AHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Clicking "Try Google Nose" took me HERE. That's not exactly the smell I was looking for.
    Anybody have a sample of Martin Margiela Untitled or Untitled L'Eau? I'm dying to smell these and I've got lots of great niche samples to swap!

    "Follow your nose. It always knows." -- Toucan Sam

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    Default Re: Google Nose What Tomorrow's Date Is

    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: Google Nose What Tomorrow's Date Is

    Hahaha. l got "used napkin". Lovely!
    "What is this secret connection between the soul, and sea, clouds and perfumes? The soul itself appears to be sea, cloud and perfume..." - from Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis.
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    Default Re: Google Nose What Tomorrow's Date Is

    Airport terminal

    Baked tarmac and lost luggage Google Aromabase


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    Default Re: Google Nose What Tomorrow's Date Is


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    Default Re: Google Nose What Tomorrow's Date Is

    I got "waffles" on one try and "airport terminal" on another.
    "It always seems impossible until it's done." -Nelson Mandela

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