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    Question A Question Of Memory Past.

    Hello all. I remember my mother's favorite perfume was Nuit de Noel. The modern bottle seems to me less intense and sharper than I remember. I wonder if this is just memory lost or is there a difference between then and now?

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    Many Caron lovers have complained about reformulations, N_Tesla. I can't imagine Nuit de Noel escaped. I tried the vintage parfum of Nuit de Noel recently and fell in love with it. I don't know the current version, but I should try it just to see. Sometimes I think people carry on so over reformulations. I suppose if you knew the original it can be heartbreaking, but there are plenty of fragrances that have been reformulated and smell just fine...if you have no expectations. When they reformulate our old loves we either have to say goodbye or hunt out intact vintage bottles. Hunt for lost treasures.

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    I have the early 00s version and its very smooth. I bought a bottle on ebay unopened about 3 years ago(though no sure how long the original seller had it???? They had two bottles hence selling on one), and it smells the same as the early 00s. I think there as been talk of reformulation in the past 2 years.

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    I have an old edt spray (20-30 years, I assume), and a current one. The old one is deeper and more intense, there is a lot of carnation (clove) - and feels actually sharper than the modern, in a good way. The modern one has an interesting dirtyish musk up top, but then it becomes more powdery. It's an enjoyable reformulation to me, though. I have not tried the parfum, which, for Caron, seems to be the way to go.


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    I only know decades old extrait and a well preserved 1990s extrait. The former is richer, heavier, oilier, but it could well be ageing only. Clearly the same jus!

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    I am afraid though that in this case there could be a big difference between even 10 years ago and now, because of IFRA restrictions. I am no expert, but vintage Carons had a strong carnation (eugenol) note, and eugenol has been restricted. So I'd be happy to hear our Caronianus maximum's opinion on the recent stuff (I have tried only the edt, not the parfum).


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    I have no idea, cacio! However much I like the idea to wear it at/around Christmas (and enjoy it) I feel no desire to wear it during the year. I secured myself a nice stock of old extrait when they still went dirt cheap... and that will probably do me.

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    If the Caron fragrance is not pure perfume or extrait, it smells more like scented soaps to me

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    Default Re: A Question Of Memory Past.

    I remember reading a review somewhere that Nuit de Noel is sort of like Habanita Light, and I can see that. Do you LOVE Habanita EdT.

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