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Thread: LOL, Nice Joke!

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    I dunno if anybody noticed this or not. I was browsing through the fragrance database and notice all the L'Occitane's have been discontinued. Even Eau des Baux.. couldn't imagine why they'd discontinue their best seller. So I started to browse around and notice that everything in the database has been discontinued. LOL, nice April Fool's joke there BN, I was a bit late to noticing this. I was beginning to scratch my head, and ponder.

    Sorry if this a double post, just thought I'd share.
    My Current Top 10:

    Rive Gauche Light (2004)
    Fahrenheit (1988)
    Paul Smith Man (2009)
    Burberry London (2006)
    Prada Amber pour Homme (2006)
    Live Jazz (1998)
    Eau des Baux (2006)
    Midnight in Paris EDP (2010)
    Arpege pour Homme (2005)
    Eau Duelle (2010)

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    Yeah, they caught me out. Forgot to account for the fact that it was still April 1 in the US.

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    I was so happy LOL

    I saw that Tabac Blond was discontinued and thought to myself, great just after I picked up a 100ml of the pure parfum.

    for swap/sale:

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