I'm thinking of blind buying Orange Sanguine. I rarely don't blind buy fragrances, but this case is different. I've done my research, I've watched every review there is, I have an idea of how the longevity and sillage is going to be. And most importantly, I do have a picture of how this smells, and I'm hooked. Freshly squeezed orange juice - something I would be delighted to smell like! And according to the many people, it smells just like orange juice. Bingo!

Well, some say that the orange opening stays as it opens for the rest of the lifespan. And others say that the opening lasts for 15 minutes before turning into a sandalwood-y, amber-y, synthetic fragrance, which gets me a bit worried :/

My question is, is the Orange note in Orange Sanguine all you get? If no, what other notes do you detect, and how detectable are they?