Someday Noir is said to be released later this year..I read the notes and I confess, I think I will love it. It comes in a bottle much like the regular Someday but is black and has a black and purple rose on top. The bottle also will have glitter speckles on it but not overly so, like Vera Wang Princess Night..the bottle will be more like a black nail polish with glitter, if that makes sense. The glitter there just to add some flare but not over the top. I would buy it just for the bottle I think. I know perfumistos/as haven't seem to like any Beiber scents thus far but just look at these notes:

Top Notes: Pear, Grapefruit, Vanilla Pudding
Middle Notes: Red berries, Astropop, Cracker Jack
Base Notes: White Musk, Jelly Bean, April Fools

Ok, so lame April Fools but oh well!!!