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    Exclamation Edible Perfume !!!

    Just in time for Easter, (here in France) Mugler has released a brand new perfume concept called Angel Chocolate.
    It looks like an exquisite box of luxury chocolates, containing 12 different varieties/perfumes.
    The perfume is concealed inside an outer coating of chocolate, rather like liqueur chocolates and the edible perfumes contain a high percentage of alcohol. Some of the flavours are related to their releases, eg Malt, Coffee, Chili, Pure Shot, Alien Liqueur de Parfum, Alien Le Gout de Parfum etc. Some are shaped in the form of the classic Mugler star.
    The concept of these chocolates is to combine the gourmand experience with the added bonus that the, (extrait strength!!) perfume is later released through the pores in the skin.
    At €72, I was too sceptical to fork out for a box ~ but they were, (excuse pun) selling like hotcakes.
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    Please tell me this is an April fools joke?

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    I preordered coffee and chili for the US release.

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    These April fools jokes keep getting more imaginative every year. Good one

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    Good one... but seriously, some of these gourmands really should just have been made as food. I for one would rather sip some of that choice hot chocolate than spray it on myself.

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    Apart from the April 1st joke, the idea of edible perfumes was actually discussed in a recent thread.

    The idea of eating Angel is quite nauseating, though.


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    exuding through the pores ... only a true fraghead would go through eating juice to get good projection and longevity

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    I ordered a case

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    Good one David

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    Still laughing on that one.

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    Pretty creative, actually sounds believable.

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    The things people do to comply (genuine - but don't click on the 'press release' link):-

    & if u have a load of roses this is real (the Deo candy, not the laxative):-
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    Sounds ghastly to me.

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