Hello fellow enthusiasts.

I've a question. My collection so far concentrates on aromatic fougeres with a few others thrown in for good measure. What I don't have is a summer fragrance. I've decided to buy my first summer fragrance. Points:

1) I come from a tropical country. It is rather hot in the summers, although not very humid.
2) My skin is inefficient in sustaining any kind of longevity. The only ones that have managed to stay around for a few hours are Jaipur pour Homme EdP, Kouros and a sample of Ralph Lauren Polo Blue (surprisingly).
3) I will need to order a good summer fragrance. I will go out and try what I can, but a blind buy is a huge possibility.

Question 1) So far, I've pretty much decided on purchasing L'eau d'issey pour homme. Its pleasant, and complex enough for an aquatic. However, my previous OUTSTANDING experience with Jaipur pour homme is pushing me towards Boucheron pour Homme Edp. Opinions?
Question 2) I love the pine note in the original Ralph Lauren polo but I don't know if it is suitable for an indian summer. I've a bottle already - but I'm pretty sure its been diluted, or had degraded from being very very old. What do you think about this?
Question 3) Can you recommend any other good aquatic fragrance? I'd prefer to stay away from Cool Water and Acqua di Gio - every alternate person seems to wear them.
Question 4) Do you know any good non-aquatic fragrance that is suitable for a hot summer?

To emphasize, if it has poor longevity, it doesn't work for me. Sillage is important yes, but longevity definitely is!

Thank you!