Hey everyone so I'll be heading down to the big apple for a few days and am planning on buying some fragrances that are harder to come by here in Canada. I've been thinking on getting about three, with one of them for sure being Dior Ambre Nuit since it's nearly impossible to get and have been eager to finally add this masterpiece to my collection. I'm not sure on what the other two should be since there will be an array of fragrances available for me to try and buy. I'll only have one day for shopping with approximately three hours to go about where I want. The location will be restricted so the places where I can go will be around 5th avenue. I'll be heading to Macy's in Times square, Bergdorf Goodman and the Dior/Chanel boutiques. I'm not sure which exact fragrances Macy's and BG carry but can imagine they are plentiful.

I would love to buy Tonka Imperiale or an Amouage but they are simply too pricey and am not spending over $200 for a fragrance since I have other expense to purchase while I am there. I was thinking about buying another Collection Privee fragrance or a harder to find Serge Lutens one. I'm hoping not to be overwhelmed with the abundant selection and buy something on impulse and later regret my decision. I've been wanting to add Egoiste to the family but it can wait since I can purchase it later online; I'd like to get something thats harder to come by.

Can someone inform me what fragrances to expect in the stores I mentioned above and which fragrances you would purchase if you had the opportunity to visit. Many of you know my taste and my preferred notes/style. Also can't wait to acquire many samples and test some gems

Thanks all for the help!