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Thread: LOL, Nice Joke!

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    I dunno if anybody noticed this or not. I was browsing through the fragrance database and notice all the L'Occitane's have been discontinued. Even Eau des Baux.. couldn't imagine why they'd discontinue their best seller. So I started to browse around and notice that everything in the database has been discontinued. LOL, nice April Fool's joke there BN, I was a bit late to noticing this. I was beginning to scratch my head, and ponder.

    Sorry if this a double post, just thought I'd share.
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    Yeah, they caught me out. Forgot to account for the fact that it was still April 1 in the US.

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    I was so happy LOL

    I saw that Tabac Blond was discontinued and thought to myself, great just after I picked up a 100ml of the pure parfum.
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