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    Default Formulation/vintage of Guerlain Eau du Coq

    I'm feeling naive, but could someone kindly tell me if the juice in this bottle contains an older formulation? Based on Monsieur Guerlain's collection, it looks like the late 80s. Or perhaps I'm just being hopeful.


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    Default Re: Formulation/vintage of Guerlain Eau du Coq

    Good stuff no matter which incarnation you have.

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    Default Re: Formulation/vintage of Guerlain Eau du Coq

    Definitely older formula. Going by box, and the memory that my grandfather had a similar bottle many moons ago... He keeps every fragrance bottle he has so I'll have a look next time I visit him. I get the impression is not just stronger, but a fair bit richer than the current formula, I can smell it linger whenever he wears it, pretty fab for an Eau. I think it is 80s/early 90s. To my knowledge, many of these bottles were produced in the 80s, but old stock floated around until the 90s.

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    Default Re: Formulation/vintage of Guerlain Eau du Coq

    Yes it's from the 80's. But as hednic mentioned above, this is one of the Guerlains that smells just as good new as it does vintage.
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