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    Default YVES SAINT LAURENT Batch Codes

    YSL batch codes

    Ok, this is only the "theory"
    according to many bottles examined by my friends and me.

    before 1994/5 : simply check the bar-code (missing or not?) on the box. If the bar-code is missing, it's most likely before those years. Not too exhaustive, but enough to state it's vintage.

    Since 1994/5 to 2004/5: 4-number batch code on box (on the bottom of the bottle you will find the previous four plus the fifth number "1" or "2")
    example: 5184 on the box (it means 1995); on the bottle you read: 51841 or 51842
    example: 8231 on the box (it means 1998); on the bottle you read 82311 or 82312

    from 2005 to 2011: 1 number followed by 3 letters both box and bottle
    example 6ABB (it means year 2006)
    example 9HAA (it means year 2009)
    example 1AAA (it means year 2011)

    since 2012: long codes with multiple letters/numbers

    for some reason during year 2008 -and only in 2008- a strange code starting with a letter was used (HAOO, EHAA)
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    Default Re: YVES SAINT LAURENT Batch Codes

    Good detective work!

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    Default Re: YVES SAINT LAURENT Batch Codes

    Good observation.

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    Default Re: YVES SAINT LAURENT Batch Codes

    Thank you for informing.

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    Default Re: YVES SAINT LAURENT Batch Codes

    Holy cow! I was bored so I tried investigating my collection's batch codes. According to this method, I have a 2002 bottle of M7!

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    Default Re: YVES SAINT LAURENT Batch Codes

    anyway this is the complete page:
    Raiders of the Lost Scent: Journey in the Realm of Lost Perfumes

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    Default Re: YVES SAINT LAURENT Batch Codes

    Thank you Andre! I just realized my vintage box/bottle of YSL Opium is Charles of the Ritz era!
    improving olfactory environments one molecule at a time....

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