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    Default HomeMade Mens Fragrance Any Suggestions?

    Hey Guys! I originally posted this in another forum but was told to post it here Maybe you guys can help me?

    I am thinking about writing a blog post about Homemade cologne and aftershave, but I have very limited experience in the field. Do you guys have any good recipes or perhaps want to do a guest post for my blog?

    The recipe I had in mind was for a summer fragrance using essential oils and distilled water. The oils I want to use are Patchouli, Orange and Lemon. Anyone know if they are a good combination?

    Any help you can give me at all would be much appreciated!

    To the moderator:- I'm not sure if this is in the right area if not please move it - The Mens Lifestyle Blog That Likes To Wear Body Butter

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    Default Re: HomeMade Mens Fragrance Any Suggestions?

    It isn't the right area. You should repost it on the DIY thread, where you will be told that what you want to to cannot be done. Patchouli, Orange and Lemon Oils are not soluble in water. On the DIY thread you will find some basic information to help you start.

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