Ambrette seed or Musk seed
Ambrette oil is pale yellow, with an enchanting aroma described variously as sweet, rich, warm, musky, fatty and nutty, with floral overtones. After a short period of aging, more complex notes can emerge, such as wine, brandy, fruit, and tobacco.

Like all musks, Ambrette is a perfumery base note. It is a powerful, tenacious scent.

Plant is native in India.

from perfumeshrine blog:The smell is slightly musky and soft, warm, peachy and snugly; used in many luxury perfumes.

first time i got aware of this note was in Chanel no. 18, i absolutely loved that opening that smells airy and brandy...but its fleeting, i did not notice this note in too many perfumes, and hear its one of the expencive stuff?

then i tried Liaisons Dangereuses, where i think this is prominent note too?, or at leasts blends so nicely giving it that same kind o lightness and natural smell i get in No. 18 opening....

any more info?