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Thread: Ambrette seed

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    Default Ambrette seed

    Ambrette seed or Musk seed
    Ambrette oil is pale yellow, with an enchanting aroma described variously as sweet, rich, warm, musky, fatty and nutty, with floral overtones. After a short period of aging, more complex notes can emerge, such as wine, brandy, fruit, and tobacco.

    Like all musks, Ambrette is a perfumery base note. It is a powerful, tenacious scent.

    Plant is native in India.

    from perfumeshrine blog:The smell is slightly musky and soft, warm, peachy and snugly; used in many luxury perfumes.

    first time i got aware of this note was in Chanel no. 18, i absolutely loved that opening that smells airy and brandy...but its fleeting, i did not notice this note in too many perfumes, and hear its one of the expencive stuff?

    then i tried Liaisons Dangereuses, where i think this is prominent note too?, or at leasts blends so nicely giving it that same kind o lightness and natural smell i get in No. 18 opening....

    any more info?

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    Default Re: Ambrette seed

    Was interested in the difference between different varieties of this. According to Eden Botanicals, " The Ambrette Seed from Peru, presents a richer, more complex aroma profile with an initial aroma that is bright, intense, nutty and musky-floral, rounded with nuances of cognac, clary sage, and tobacco notes, underscored by the subtle, sensual character of leather and animalic notes all through the drydown."
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    Today I received samples of both of EB's Ambrette Seed options. The above descriptions are accurate I'd say with the Indian version definitely being a bit funkier with decided peanut notes. They are complex and rich for sure.

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    Default Re: Ambrette seed

    Sensei By Piotr Czarencki

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