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    Default Your thoughts on Anima Dulcis !?

    I received this one as per a recommendation and not really sure how i feel about it. its a non sweet, spicy, baroque, cocoa/vanilla gourmand. To me I get a lot of candle wax from the opening. It reminds me of an old dusty catholic church, candles lit, which i can appreciate. It is really well done but I am unsure how I feel about wearing it. Any fans out there ?
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    Default Re: Your thoughts on Anima Dulcis !?

    Received it as a gift from an employee. Wasn't for me. Wound up giving it away to a friend who liked it.

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    Default Re: Your thoughts on Anima Dulcis !?

    I bought this at the end of last year, and I love it to death. I consider it an adult, complicated vanilla and I think the composition is excellent. It hints at a dirty side, but never goes too far. The spices are well integrated, and the vanilla is not sweet in the least. Cocoa is minimal on me, but present enough as a dusting that keeps it on the dryish side.

    If you like gourmands that do not drown you in sweetness, you could get some wear out of this one. I adore it.

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    Default Re: Your thoughts on Anima Dulcis !?

    I really enjoyed it when I sampled it - much more wearable than Bouttoneire, which was too dandy for me.
    I'm in the market for a bottle....just need to save some $, or stop buying so many other frags.

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    Default Re: Your thoughts on Anima Dulcis !?

    Well, I may have one available soon. Dont think I can wear this. Maybe I am a modernist.
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    Default Re: Your thoughts on Anima Dulcis !?

    Love it.

    I'm half Mexican so I'm familiar with the taste/flavor of chocolate/chili/caramel that the perfumer is attempting to conjure up with this scent. It's very realistic and extremely comforting.

    It's spicy, caramelic, not syrupy and just a little has explosive radiance/projection. I put my bottle away for Spring/Summer as I think of it as a Fall/Winter scent.
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    Default Re: Your thoughts on Anima Dulcis !?

    Had a chance to quickly go through this line with my sister today, and we both felt this was the most interesting of the lot, at least for this time of the year. I certainly liked it.

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