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    Default Charlie and Charlie Blue

    Looking everywhere for a friend for the Original Charlie of her younger days....some places swear up and down that Charlie and Charlie Blue are the same thing. I've smelled both and I definitely notice a difference but I can't find anywhere on the blogs or perfume websites anything definitive that they are one and the same--very frustrating. Sooooooo....does anyone know the real story on this classic fragrance???

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    Default Re: Charlie and Charlie Blue

    Tweety, I just looked up both on and they are definitely NOT the same...both have totally different notes, and the original Charlie is considered in the Floral Aldehyde group and Charlie blue is considered a straight up floral. They do point out that people find them to be very similar, though.

    ** A quick memory of Charlie...In 1980, I was 12 years old and in the 6th grade;(UGH, I am really showing my age huh? LOL) I wanted to impress a cute boy in my class, so that morning before walking to school,(my Mother had already left for work) I decided to make myself Irresistible by using her Charlie cologne and her cosmetics. I had NO idea how to apply makeup and I still remember how clownish I looked, but I honestly thought "I looked GOOD!!!" hehe anyway, I got to class and my teacher took one look at me and chastised me in front of the class (and my crush! UGH) and then made me go home to wash everything off before coming back to class!! Ohhh the Humiliation!!! She told me that young girls had NO business wearing perfume to class!!! Granted, us girls regularly wore Love's Baby Soft to school, and that was ok, just NOT adult perfumes LOL!..............awwwwwww, memories....
    ****Making the world a better place One Scented Hug at a Time.... ****

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    Default Re: Charlie and Charlie Blue

    I wore Charlie as a teen, so I'm even older than you, AromaofTacoma. Charlie (vintage, 1970s) by Revlon used to come in a blue box with white writing on it. Subsequently, I don't know how many other versions of Charlie were released - a lot! So I may be wrong, but I think that "Charle Blue" must refer to the original Charlie; however it HAS to have been reformulated since the 1970s so I can't imagine it smells the same as original vintage Charlie. In other words, I think Charlie "Blue" must be today's version of that original Charlie, to distinguish it from Charlie Red, or Charlie White, etc. Did that make sense? I wouldn't compare today's Charlie Blue with your vintage original Charlie. I haven't compared them myself, just surmising. Don't go by Fragrantica's listed notes, just read the reviews by people who have worn Charlie and Charlie Blue and you will probably find the answer you're looking for. Your friend may have to settle for a vintage bottle of Charlie, if you can find it for her. Welcome to the Perfume Graveyard, I'm sad to say.

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