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    Default Kenzo Power... A Fake????

    So even as I wrote the title I really don't believe it's possible.

    I got a bottle of Kenzo Power from ebay... very cheap... like 16$ . It arrived. It's got all the packaging(not shrink wrapped though) etc. I prayed it and it smelled nice, like what some reviews have posted, but the scent seems to disappear completely in an hour or so, or at least fade to a very faint skin scent. I have Bulgari Pour Homme, considered here to be a skin scent, and so far kenzo Power seems way more tame than the Bulgari.

    I doubt that someone would really be making counterfeit Kenzo Powers since it was discontinued so I was just interested to hear if anyone else found the scent to be VERY polite and not sticking around very long.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Power... A Fake????

    I would bet you got the real thing. Find it hard to believe that fakes of this were made.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Power... A Fake????

    Kenzo Powers is not discontinued and yes I've seen fake of it
    However, I always find fragrances doesn't last long on first wearing (maybe it is too new to the nose and the nose shut down from it) so you mind want to give it a couple more wearings
    A couple of pictures might me more useful for people to tell if your bottle is authentic or not

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    Default Re: Kenzo Power... A Fake????

    Me too have seen its fakes, and unfortunately looking EXACTLY like the authentic one from the packaging and to some extent the bottle.
    The key to differentiate them is the way the sprayer works and how efficient it is, and of course the longevity of the scent.
    But consider that this scent is itself low in terms of longevity!
    Hard battle anyway!!!

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    Default Re: Kenzo Power... A Fake????

    Didn't think this one would be popular enough to fake. Can you describe the scent?

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