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    Default Let's discuss Iris Bleu Gris

    The excellent and raunchy/naughty little iris frag from MPG.

    Do you get the sense of body/lived-in odor from this one? I certainly do.

    Have you tried it? What do you think? Any difference between the old 90ml and the current?

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    Default Re: Let's discuss Iris Bleu Gris

    I own this and although I don't get what you get, I think it's a very nice scent.

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    Default Re: Let's discuss Iris Bleu Gris

    I don't have a comparison as my bottle is the old style vintage. I do get those dirty notes from IBG as well as some other MPG's, Parfums D'Habit.

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    Default Re: Let's discuss Iris Bleu Gris

    I used to own the vintage. While i don't smell body odor i think i might know what you mean. This Iris is not the powdery iris that we're currently used to. I think the notes states iris root, now i've never smelled iris root, but this definitely gives off a rooty feel if you know what i mean, combining that with some vetiver you're bound to get a charcol kind of feeling (this is not the same dirty feel as say Parfum d'Habit).

    This is such a masterpiece though, like most MPGs, it's a very formal type of scent, not very versatile, but it smells very luxurious. One of the top 3 MPGs in my books.
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    Default Re: Let's discuss Iris Bleu Gris

    After reading the good reviews ,probably about the vintage one, I've tried the current formulation and I was hoping for something good like Bois d'Iris by VC &A but unfortunately I was a bit disappointed . It's not bad but it doesn't make me smile. Is the vintage one lacking in longevity like the new one?

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    Default Re: Let's discuss Iris Bleu Gris

    MPG's to me are very complex and go through a lot of development on my skin--which I absolutely love in a fragrance.

    So in terms of longevity, yes they do last a long time but don't expect to get the Iris note at the dry down stage; or in the case of RdV the vetiver note or whatever. In these, I mostly get the sweet non-animalic MPG trademark musk and other notes like sandalwood, patchouli, etc.

    However, I've noticed in the reviews that this feature does disappoint some people and they consider the dry down very anti-climactic after the dramatically beautiful or unusual openings. I happen not to mind that and appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Let's discuss Iris Bleu Gris

    I liked it, when I owned a decant of it. I was reminded of the harsh-almost-razor sharp texture that certain Chanel iris scents have. I like that. However IBG seemed to wear on my nerves after some time, unlike the smoother, more luxurious Chanel's.
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    Default Re: Let's discuss Iris Bleu Gris

    I own a bottle of vintage IBG.

    Whilst I've worn it a few times, I have yet to be captivated like others.

    I'm waiting for my "aha" moment.
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