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    Ambrocenide is a new fragrance ingredient chemical from Symrise with a powerful Amber-Woody odor profile. (2010)

    Its extremely powerful chemical, widely used in all sorts of cosmetic products( deo roll ons,body lotions, soaps,shampoos), detergents, bleaches,cleaner etc and fragrances

    Tenacity on blotter: more then 1 month:-)
    Diffusivity 7/9
    Intensity in air 8/9

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    Ambrocebide has been around for a good deal longer than 2010, but only as a captive material. I believe Symrise inherited the material from their merger with Dragoco. It is an extremely potent amber material. Very good for fabric sheets. Also very common in men's fine fragrance. Women tend to not like it as much as men.

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