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    Default The Different Company L'Esprit Cologne Line of Fragrances

    I've not seen much talk about these 4 fragrances.


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    Default Re: The Different Company L'Esprit Cologne Line of Fragrances

    Mentioned in this previous thread:

    I own all four and they're all nice. Fresh and light. After Midnight is my favorite.

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    Default Re: The Different Company L'Esprit Cologne Line of Fragrances

    They are all extremely nice, but as hednic mentions, they are very light. I did not get much staying power from them.

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    Default Re: The Different Company L'Esprit Cologne Line of Fragrances

    I have three of these and considering the fourth. They are right up there at the top of list for contemporary cologne style perfumes. They are on the same level of excellence for this cologne style with Atelier Cologne, Thirdman and Hermes Jardin Series. Tokyo Bloom is a very spring green lightly floral scent that is very perfect this time of year. It is light intensity, but I just spray more. Limon di Cordoza is orange herbal mint spice scent. Smells great. Almost has a barbershop kind of feel. Similar to Hermes Conc. d' orange verte and Guerlain Homme L' Eau. I prefer the aroma of Limon di Cordoza but appreciate the intensity and freshness of the Hermes and Guerlain. Limon di Cordoza hits a unique old fashioned cologne note that I is rare. Sienne d' Orange is orange spices that are softened by leather base. The leather makes a subtle and excellent statement but also slows the silage and intensity a bit. Sienne d' Orange, although it is a very good fragrance is overshadowed by other great orange fragrances on the market such as: Azemour les Orangers, Entre Naranjos, Bois Blonds. Varvatos Artisan, etc. Tokyo Bloom smells similar to Hermes Sur le Toit and I like them about equally for spring green growing fragrance. You've gotta have a great green fragrance in wardrobe for spring and summer and this one fills that need. Have not tried After Midnight, yet.
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    Default Re: The Different Company L'Esprit Cologne Line of Fragrances

    Completely agree with Buzzlepuff.

    These colognes are, by nature, light and meant to be resprayed often.

    Wanting the projection/longevity of EDT/EDP from a cologne is like wanting to feel full after eating a macaroon or petit four.

    Macaroons and colognes are for those wishing to have a meal or spray some perfume but differently.
    Life is not only about having bread & water and 1 million.

    Maybe you want an afternoon cup of espresso with a pistachio macaroon and spritzes of refreshing cologne.

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    Default Re: The Different Company L'Esprit Cologne Line of Fragrances

    After Midnight is my favorite of the four. Although, their longevity is very bad so they were a pass for me.
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