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    Default Fake Edition Blanche?

    Hi guys,

    Been registered for a while but this is my first post and I could use some of your opinions!

    To cut a long story short I recently sold a bottle of edition blanche on ebay and after the buyer falsely claiming it was fake I decided for a quiet life to offer him a refund but not sure the bottle he sent back is the real deal. The original was purchased from Boots (UK) so am in no doubt as to its authenticity. The box which I still have has a serial number on the base but the bottle the buyer sent back does not and I cannot remember if the original did or not. It smells like the real thing, the letter printing on the front of the bottle is all raised from the surface of the bottle and it generally looks like the real thing just the lack of serial number on the reverse is putting doubts in my mind.

    I have put some pics below. Any help appreciated!


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    Default Re: Fake Edition Blanche?

    Mine had a # on the back near the bottom.

    Also if you bought it brand new at a reputable shop, the serial #'s should match. At least from what I understand.

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    Default Re: Fake Edition Blanche?

    Hmmm...if I was home I could look at my bottle to tell the differences.

    Being as though you aren't sure if yours had the serial number or not leaves a lot to be speculated. I'll check my bottle when I get home and post. I know for sure mine does have a serial number on the bottle though.

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    Mine looks identical to your bottle except for a serial number etched at the bottom of the back of the bottle, near the base.
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    Default Re: Fake Edition Blanche?

    I will also check my bottle when I get home.

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    Default Re: Fake Edition Blanche?

    I once had a fake bottle of Allure Homme Sport, and it had the very pronounce "ridges" along the top (corner to corner) & bottom (encompassing) of the bottle much like those in your picture. I'm looking at my bottle of Blanche right now, and while those ridges are still kinda there, they seem much more polished. Also, my bottle has "2502" stamped on the back, whereas yours does not. Finally, is the Chanel CC logo on the top of the cap imprinted/recessed?
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    Default Re: Fake Edition Blanche?

    So are you thinking the buyer kept the real one you sent him and returned to you a fake one he already had in his posession?

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    Default Re: Fake Edition Blanche?

    The CC logo is imprinted on the top of the bottle, as well as the 'CHANEL' on the silver ring around the top of the bottle.

    @timmy-j yes exactly that! as he was claiming the original was fake when it wasn't i should have stood my ground and told him where to put the bottle but as ebay rules and regs favour the buyer i was trying to avoid negative feedback by allowing him to return it!

    Thanks for replies so far fellas.

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    Default Re: Fake Edition Blanche?

    Unfortunately there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there.

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