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    Where can I buy a bottle of vintage Quorum and what's a reasonable price to pay?

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    My guess would be on Ebay.

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    I think there are a couple of different versions, with the original having a nice grapefruit note, and with a subsequent version (but not the latest) having more lavender. I like the original and have an extra 50 ml bottle to swap (USA only) but I also have a big bottle of the lavender-heavy one, which I'd consider swapping. The original seems to be the one with a brown paper label on the bottom of the bottle.
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    My wife talked me into buying a new bottle of cologne instead; sorry to lead you guys on, this is something I'll explore later.

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    Yes, the boxes are USUALLY different, however there is as always "overlapping". The easiest way for me to tell is to merely look at the juice. Vintage is much darker. To be frank, the vintage Quorum is more animalistic for the first 20 mins. or so IMO, however the reform. version is one of the best and many like it better. I like both, but truth be told their aftershave balm is the bomb!!!

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