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    Default Facebook Group: Aussie Fragrance Network

    Hey everyone for all those on Facebook that are looking to interact with other Aussie Fragrance enthusiasts please feel free to join our new group;

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    Default Re: Facebook Group: Aussie Fragrance Network

    Nice job just applied

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    Default Re: Facebook Group: Aussie Fragrance Network

    I just requested to join too, would love to have other Aussies who are genuinely interested to swap with, buy from and sell to since I have a habit of getting bored of my fragrances quite fast and a desire to sample many others. eBay has too many restrictions and fees and Gumtree is a joke
    My top 30

    1. Gucci Envy / D&G By Man
    2. Aventus /Cedrat Boise
    3. Costarela / MFK Baccarat Rouge 540
    4. Dior Homme Intense / D&G The One EDP
    5. Dior Homme Cologne / TFK Arab Spring
    6. Athalia / Chez Bond
    7. Antidote / Pegasus
    8. Gucci Pour Homme / Armani Attitude
    9. Santal Majuscule / Layton
    10. Code Ultimate / M7
    11. Chanel Allure Homme Sport / Hamptons
    12. ADG / Neroli Boheme
    13. Sauvage / Chanel Edition Blanche
    14. Lira / Diadema
    15. Citric Santa Eulalia / Reflection Man

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