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    Default Rare Eau De Gucci-Info/Help Needed

    Hi All, I came into possession of a rare, sealed and, it seems, one of a kind 3.3oz bottle of Eau De Gucci. I was in contact with PPR and Gucci(they possibly wanted to buy it for their archives, but they already had one) and I was told it was from the early 1970's. I cannot find any info about my particular bottle. I have attached some pics. Any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, in advance. EAU DE GUCCI CONCENTRATED 002.jpgEAU DE GUCCI CONCENTRATED 006.jpg

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    Any Info would be really appreciated.

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    Default Re: Rare Eau De Gucci-Info/Help Needed

    I have a bottle of Eau de Gucci but it is different, and probably a lot more recent, than yours. I think mine is from the '90s.

    Just curious. Mine has "Scannon S.A." on the back, and also "Made in Germany". Does yours have any manufacturing info on it?


    According to Perfume Intelligence, the original Eau de Gucci was released in 1982, so yours would be no older than that.

    My version is the reformulated one dating from 1993.
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    Default Re: Rare Eau De Gucci-Info/Help Needed

    I have the same bottle from early 80s. It is rare but not impossible to find. Sealed and big is a big plus though. Id recommend you to try the marketplace if you want to swap i, Im sure there is people interested
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    Default Re: Rare Eau De Gucci-Info/Help Needed

    All your posts are sales posts. You have to have 500 posts before you can sell here.
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    Default Re: Rare Eau De Gucci-Info/Help Needed

    Suggest that you either wait until someone posts a 'wanted' thread for this or sell it on Ebay, Glamzilla.

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