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    Default Winter frags in summer

    Any BN'ers wear winter oriented frags in summer? Do you or others find then too heavy or cloying?
    List some that are multi season friendly.

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    Default Re: Winter frags in summer

    All the time, I wear them in moderation. Only one spray usually, sometimes two.

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    Default Re: Winter frags in summer

    Tobacco Vanille. One spray...Done

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    Default Re: Winter frags in summer

    Yes, like rynegne said just use less. 1 or 2 sprays. It also depends on where you are and what you will be doing. I wear A-men, Dior Homme Intense, Midnight in Paris etc. during the summer, but only if I'm going to be indoors in air conditioning, not if i'm going to be outside in extreme sun and heat.

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    Default Re: Winter frags in summer

    I wouldn't feel bad wearing ANY so called "winter frags" in the summer. In fact, I don't see why frags are classified as winter/summer. For one thing, I'd like to wear a fresh scent in the winter to lessen the effect of being homebound by cold weather. And "dark" frags work perfectly well in the summer to my nose.


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    Default Re: Winter frags in summer

    I enjoy all of my fragrances year round. I simply spray less of it during the warmer months. I usually get better projection and longevity during the warmer period.
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    Default Re: Winter frags in summer

    Try and see, on me for example a frag like Bois d'Orage becomes radioactive in the heat, so I tone down to Fou d'Absinthe or Guerlain Vetiver instead.

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    Default Re: Winter frags in summer

    I wear all my scents all year round. Therefore, could be anything.

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    Default Re: Winter frags in summer

    Let's see. It's 29 C outside at night, and I'm wearing M7 right now so yes.

    However, I'm in my air conditioned bedroom and I've only put on 1 spray. I do wear it outside as well, but only to something like a nice bar or a club. Then I go with 2 sprays.

    My city is very hot throughout the year, but I've only ever had trouble with the openings of Egoiste and A*Men. One hour in, and I'm fine with both of them too.

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    Default Re: Winter frags in summer

    I will wear anything, but certain amber fragrances can be too much in heat. I find Tom Ford Amber Absolute for example a bit much - like wearing a sweater - when it gets really hot.

    But, for the most part - anything goes. Besides, air conditioning makes it ok anyway.

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    Default Re: Winter frags in summer

    No such thing as a winter frag
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