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    Default Just starting out - Mysore Sandalwood Advice requested

    I have been reading these forums and decided I finally need to register to ask some specific advice.

    I have been making my own bath and cosmetic products for a little over a year now, and I am interested in procuring Santalum album (EI Sandalwood) oil in bulk as I understand it is a scarce commodity and may not be reliably available in the future. Towards this end I have obtained several samples of EO that are advertised as genuine S. album oil.

    I am a complete novice when it comes to scents. I obtained a sample of Eden Botanical's "Sandalwood, Rare" to use as a reference when judging lower-cost oils, as I understand that Eden has a very high reputation for quality. I have been impressed with Liberty Natural's "Mysore" Sandalwood. I contacted them after evaluating their sample with my novice nose against Eden's sample. Liberty assured me that their Mysore Sandalwood was distilled in 2012, and comes from the Mysore region of Karnataka state in India, but they were not able to provide me with GC analysis for the batch. I find this highly suspicious, though my nose can detect only the most subtle difference between Liberty's Mysore Sandalwood, and Eden's Rare Sandalwood (I'm wearing them both right now).

    I have gathered from readings online that Liberty's customer service is very good though their quality can be variable. Here is where I ask for advice: If I were to obtain a bulk quantity of Liberty's "Mysore" oil and have my own GC test done on it, do you think Liberty would be willing to accept a return on the oil if it doesn't comply to established GC reference for S. album oil? Do you have a recommendation as to where to have a GC test performed? Do you think I should even doubt the authenticity of Liberty's product?


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    Default Re: Just starting out - Mysore Sandalwood Advice requested

    I think you need to post this in the DIY forum. Several of the regular participants are professional perfumers, and even the hobbyists are very knowledgable.

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    Default Re: Just starting out - Mysore Sandalwood Advice requested

    I would be very suspicious of anything that claimed to be genuine Indian sandalwood distilled in 2012. As far as I am aware Indian Sandalwood become virtually unobtainable long before that. Before spending your money buying the sandalwood and having it analysed by GC, why not ask the suppliers if they would be happy with you doing that, and would be prepared to give you your money back if the analysis proved that the oil wasn't Sandalwood. I can imagine their response! If an Essential Oils supplier is not prepared to provide a GC analysis, you are right to be suspicious.

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    Default Re: Just starting out - Mysore Sandalwood Advice requested

    The DIY forum would answer all your questions.

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