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    Default sahara noir vs. interlude vs. full incense

    I just tried samples of sahara noir and interlude and full incense next to each other and some comparison.
    Sahara noir, incense and amber
    Full incense, incense and lemony zest
    interlude, incense and green herbal but dark, not bright green forest, with an amber base.

    Both interlude and sahara noir smell higher quality than full incense.

    I wouldn't buy the three of them. I would put interlude first and then consider sahara.
    Your favorite?

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    Default Re: sahara noir vs. interlude vs. full incense

    Full Incense.

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    Default Re: sahara noir vs. interlude vs. full incense

    I definitely prefer Interlude to Full Incense without question. Haven't tried Sahara Noir yet (it's in the mail), but I'm looking forward to it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    So, I'm wearing Sahara Noir right now, and I do like it. It's somewhere between Avignon and Encre Noire for me, but it actually sits quite close to my skin. It's also a little safer / less harsh than the Montale, so for me, I'd place Interlude at the top, followed by Tom Ford, with Montale close behind. All three are fantastic, though.

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