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    Question Bois du Portugal

    Are there any differences between the juice in the new green labeled bottle and the one before that? I recently purchased a new one with the green label and there appears to be no difference.

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    I never tried the new juice. But creed is not famous for reformulating their perfumes, right? I would bet it is the same perfume.

    If they changed anything, they did it only to follow regulations.

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    Default Re: Bois du Portugal

    Very good fragrance. Got about 3 ml left from a sample.

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    I like it too, specially the smoky, edible basenotes. I do have a full bottle.

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    Default Re: Bois du Portugal

    Yes this one is a winner.
    one of the good Creeds.

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    Default Re: Bois du Portugal

    No difference. This classic has been unchanged.

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    Default Re: Bois du Portugal

    I have the green-label bottle, and that's the only one i have smelled. Wonderful frag, IMO.
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