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    Default "Ooh, what was that?" It's Kistna

    Currently, The Body Shop has six EdT fragrances for men. As I stood there spraying and sniffing, spraying and sniffing, a few women were hovering around nearby. I think they were looking for bath gels. Or something. I didn't pay any attention to them until I sprayed Kistna.

    One of the women turned my way and asked "Ooh, what was that?"

    I think it's funny that Kistna would be a crowd pleaser, but it is. I doubt it'll get any love within the fragrance community. It's a scent that has been done a million times already. The moment you smell it, you know it. But the thing is, it's actually quite nice. It's like a greener Acqua Di Gio meets Curve-without-the-musk.

    If Kistna were a man, he'd be that guy everybody likes because he's always fun to hang out with on a sunny day. He never starts a party nor would he be the center of attention, but everyone would be glad that he's there.

    The Body Shop was having a sale (of course): Buy one, get one half off. I was there to buy White Musk For Men, which means Kistna would only cost me $14, so I figured, why not. It's a really nice, agreeable, sunny day scent. If you don't already own something similar, I think it's worth checking out.
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    Default Re: "Ooh, what was that?" It's Kistna

    Thanks for the info. Next time I'm in the Body Shop I will check them out.

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    Default Re: "Ooh, what was that?" It's Kistna

    I have it and don't wear it. White musk and sport are 2 awesome scents though. Activists is on my buy lists also, if i can get a used bottle off of ebay!!

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    Default Re: "Ooh, what was that?" It's Kistna

    I have never found anything that the Body Shop offers akin to fragrance that I would consider buying.

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    Default Re: "Ooh, what was that?" It's Kistna

    Katie Puckrik's review of White Musk For Men had me convinced I needed to give it a sniff. In the store, I thought nothing of it, but I decided to spray it on my wrist to give it a try. I figured I might as well choose a second scent to try on my other wrist. And that's how I found Kistna.

    White Musk For Men, on skin, is excellent. It almost has a Bvlgari Black sort of feel. It's a skin scent, which makes sense since it's mostly musk, but it's really great.

    Activist is very good and has a lot of fans in the fragrance community (including a glowing review from Masters Of Style), but I couldn't get past the root beer smell.

    White Musk Sport smelled too lemony for my tastes. I've never been a fan of 'sport' scents.

    Of A Man was also too lemony for me, and perhaps a bit too screechy.

    Arber smells like John Varvatos original, minus the leather and the booze. I can see this one being a good choice for someone in his teens or 20s.

    Arber and Kistna are the two I think most women would choose for a man (non-frag-community women, I mean). They're both very safe people-pleasers.

    White Musk For Men is clearly the standout from The Body Shop. It's surprisingly good. And cheap too.
    "Follow your nose. It always knows." -- Toucan Sam

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    Default Re: "Ooh, what was that?" It's Kistna

    Sadly, I haven't had the same luck. I've tried them all (you can occasionally get massive savings coupons from TBS, and I bought the whole line for about $5 each). I held onto Activist and Arber, although I don't really like either. The others either made me feel ill or gave me a headache so I had to return them all

    Some of the oils they've done in the past have been quite nice, though.

    From this calibre/genre of store, I find L'Occitane and Lush to be a major step up as far as fragrances go; but also, as an alternate to TBS White Musk (which I found to be seriously unnatural and disturbing) is Kiehl's Original Musk -- a very nice, floral twist and somewhat animalic.

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    Default Re: "Ooh, what was that?" It's Kistna

    Thanks, will try it for sure.

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    Default Re: "Ooh, what was that?" It's Kistna

    Quote Originally Posted by deadidol View Post
    From this calibre/genre of store, I find L'Occitane and Lush to be a major step up as far as fragrances go;
    Yep, to me L'Occitane is superior. But they have the very frustating tendency to discontinue everything from their line overnight. Consequence: the men section is getting thiner, at least here in France...
    I've bought few month ago White Musc for men Sport for my younger brother who lives in Senegal (west africa) because our youngest sister found it fresh and more appealing on a man :O
    Thanks l'Homme Blanc Individuel (funny name) for the feedback!

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    Default Re: "Ooh, what was that?" It's Kistna

    Tired it but didn't rush out to buy it.

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    Default Re: "Ooh, what was that?" It's Kistna

    I loved Kistna and was also somehow pleased by Arber and White Musk. But Kistna is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated casual scents around, easy to compete with designer and even niche scents along these lines.

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