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    Default What do you love about scent?

    None of my real life friends get it. They have a bottle of the stuff may be, but they would never spend longer choosing the day's scent than clothes.

    I don't wear scent for others, I know some people are disturbed by it, but for me it is precious, a guilty secret and life enhancing. Why?

    Why do you love scent?

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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    I love scents because it makes me feel good most of all, but I enjoy the variety of scents, the history behind some scents, the great friends scents has brought me,the memories they bring back, etc.. But simply because they make me feel good is the top reason!
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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    Same reason I love listening to music or looking at art or eating a good meal. It makes life better, evokes memories or feelings, helps me express myself or perceive things differently, comforts me or challenges me, excites me or calms me, and decorates my personal space. All depending on the scent and the day.

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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    The variety and the effect it has on the mood.
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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    The power that scent holds. It can actually change my mood. Very interesting. Have loved fragrances since I was a young child.

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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    I love scent because I feel better when wearing something I like. Also, I enjoy learning about the notes, the history of perfume, the location where raw materials can be found, etc.

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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    Oh, how lovely, thank you for replying. A lovely or interesting scent can really lift my day. I think I use it to keep a bit of 'me' alive when I am working. I get a private whiff of my scent at a meeting and it is like a small act of rebellion. Perhaps that is why I tend to love feisty scents like Dzongka, Silver Iris, Vrai Blonde, Baudelaire and Fleur de Sels.

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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    Smelling nice scents is a sensory pleasure for the nose, just as admiring beauty is for the eyes, or stroking velvet is for the fingertips, or listening to wonderful music for the ears, or tasting wonderful food for the mouth.
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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    How do I love perfume? Let me count the ways.
    I love it for the way it can enhance those important
    moments in my life and even the mundane.
    I love how there are sometimes stories behind the scents
    and that they were even created for a special person.
    I love the act of applying scent on a daily basis as part of
    a beauty ritual.
    I love reading about perfume, collecting perfume and discussing
    perfume with other perfumistas.
    Finally, I love exercising my sense of smell - usually the most neglected
    A woman without perfume is like a flower without a scent.

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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    I just love perfume. Actually I associate most of my life events with a scent. I can remember the date, what I was wearing, and most of the time what I was smelling. I have never been a fluffy kitty or girlie girl. I don't wear makeup or get my nails done. However, I do looooooove perfume. My Mom said I am my Grand-Daddy's Grandbaby. He loved to wear cologne. He would take a bath in it my Grandma would tell him lol. He wore Brut and Old Spice. I didn't really care for either one, but when I smelled it I smiled cause I knew I was with my Grand-Daddy. Even today when I smell either one I smile cause I think of him. I was not only a Daddy's Girl, but I was further ruined by my Grand-Daddy LOL! My Mommy would buy me cheap stuff like Jean Nate or Love's Baby Soft. I would always sneak and wear hers cause she had the good stuff lol. I just loved the idea of smelling good to myself. I always wore perfume for myself. As I got older, my perfume interest grew and I began my search for the "Holy Grail". What I discovered along the way is the absolute science behind perfume selection. It wasn't about going out and buying the latest perfume release. It was about body chemistry and skin perparation. I began to understand that I can't wear everything. I just love the science that goes behind choosing a perfume for myself. Finding a scent the smells amazing on me is like heaven! I love getting whiffs of my perfume throughout the day. Oh and don't get me started on a good smelling man! OOOOOOH CHILD!!! *church fan wave*
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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    I love perfume because it's like wearing a piece of art. I can accompany my day, like music accompanies a dance or a song. If I'm feeling cold, I can wear a spicy scent and feel enfolded. If it's unbearably hot, I can wear something that seems to cool me. If I'm longing for spring, I can wear a scent that feels like it folds the clouds back and makes the flowers bloom.

    I think the thing that turned it from "wow, I love how this smells" into an experience for me was spraying Vol de Nuit and immediately having vibrant memories of my grandmother. I like knowing that I can create those scent memories for the people around me without them even knowing. Someday they may smell a perfume and think of me.

    I like it when my friends find a scent that stirs them and finally get a hint of what I'm so passionate about. Suddenly they realize that scent can be more than just an unthinking spritz of something before you run out the door. It can be a conscious decision to pick something that all day will speak to you. It can be something that will stiffen your spine when you have a difficult task (Bandit, I'm looking at you) or make you feel sexy, or professional or whatever you want to evoke that day.

    I love that there are sites like this one to discuss, learn, and laugh. Because honestly, most people would read this and think I was just a little too crazy about perfume!
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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    THe other day, I was thinking about something similar: how come that so many do not care about fragrances, do not wear them or do not appreciate the art behind them? And the only reason I could figure out was that they have not had the One, i.e, the fragrance they can identify themselves with, reflecting their personality or that they can't do without. My firm belief is that everybody should find that evasive scent to call their own.
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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    It's an artistic media just like all the others. At its abstract, beautiful, interesting best, perfume ranks in the upper echelon of all artistic achievement.

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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    I love the different nuances of me that my perfumes can underline: how I'm feeling in a particular moment, how I would like to be... Just like clothes I wear or the music I listen to.
    Each perfume opens a little world with me inside.
    "Your fragrance with a fume of iodine" L. Cohen
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    Default Re: What do you love about scent?

    Gorgeous wafts occasionally.

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