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    Default Where can I buy samples of Demeter fragrances?

    I really need to sample a good amount of fragrances from this house. Particularly the sweet gourmand ones! But I can't seem to find any samples... can you help me find a place?

    And also, are there any good sites that sells designer fragrance samples at a good price?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Where can I buy samples of Demeter fragrances?

    Don't know about samples but the following place has a large variety from this line at what seems like a good price. Perhaps this might be of some help:

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    Default Re: Where can I buy samples of Demeter fragrances?

    I was trying to find them a while back, and honestly, your best bet is to just go through them directly as their 1/2oz bottles are only $6 as it is. Chances are, buying samples will probably cost you just a little less, so just to try and narrow down your selections and bite the bullet. With that said, certain US stores in certain regions actually stock the whole collection (or at least a large part of it). I was at a Walgreens on 34th and 5th in NY and worked my way through most of them. To be honest, the novelty wears off after you try ten or so of them. And I'm sure you know, most of them only last about 10-15 minutes on the skin, right?

    As far as designer samples goes, again, location is the key -- but in the US you can just walk into any Sephora (or Nordstroms) and ask for samples of what you're interested in and they'll make them up on the spot for you. I'm sure they're available for order from places like the Perfumed Court, but again, I can't imagine it'd be worth the investment.
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    Default Re: Where can I buy samples of Demeter fragrances?

    Thank you guys above me!
    Anyone else?

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