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    What's everyone's last bottle they finished? And will you purchase it again? "Must be 30ml and up"

    Mine is Fire Island by Bond No 9 and no I will not purchase again.

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    Last bottle I finished was Gengis Khan. Don't need to purchase it again as I have enough backup bottles.

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    Cuir Beluga, shared this with the wife. Hesitant to repurchase unless I lock it up.

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    Never finished a bottle, but I'm only a few years into this hobby. I feel compelled to finish small sample decants before ordering more. I'd like to let them sit around so I can come back to them years later and see how my tastes and perceptions have changed, but I don't have the storage space and won't let myself order more until I finish what I already have.

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    Ambro de Jacomo but won't re-purchase. It's discontinued and hard to find.

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    None. A friend of mine goes through bottles every 2 weeks. Apparently if he uses 10-15 sprays per application. Go figure.

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    The last bottle I finished was Hugo Boss Bottled about two years ago. I have many more fragrances now which takes the burden off of single bottle usage.

    I bought a 0.25 oz. Bon Bon of Fire Island, ended up giving it to my girlfriend. She loved it because it smells like Bobby Brown Beach. I myself wasn't a fan.
    Quote Originally Posted by CologneFan85 View Post
    What's everyone's last bottle they finished? And will you purchase it again? "Must be 30ml and up"

    Mine is Fire Island by Bond No 9 and no I will not purchase again.

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    I don't finish many... I think the last was Bellagio for Men and I did re-purchase.
    Current Top Favorites:
    1) Portrait of a Lady original formula (EdP Frédéric Malle)
    2) Giorgio for Men vintage/V.I.P. for Men (Giorgio Beverly Hills)
    3) Dia Man vintage edt (Amouage)
    Anat Fritz Original Formula and Classical (Anat Fritz) - tie
    4) Lalfeorosa (O'driù) - tie

    Les Nombres d'Or Vetyver (Mona di Orio)
    7) Captain vintage (Molyneux)
    8) Tzora (Anat Fritz)
    9) Javanese Patchouli (Zegna) - tie
    9) Monsieur de Givenchy vintage (Givenchy) - tie
    9) Coeur de Vetiver Sacré (L'Artisan) - tie
    9) X for Men (Clive Christian) - tie
    9) Patou pour Homme Privé (Jean Patou) - tie
    9) Oud Shamash (The Different Company) - tie

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    Have never finished a bottle. I usually get sick of them and swap/sell/give them away.

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    Lacoste Elegance, and it was a long time ago when I only had it and one other frag...before I discovered this site and the huge world of frags. I actually quite liked it...but I don't know if I would now...and it's discontinued, but you can still find it online...I might consider purchasing it again, it's not that expensive.

    But now that I've got many more bottles...I don't anticipate that I will finish a bottle for years and years to come.

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    Default Re: The Last

    Platinum Egoiste by Chanel - purchased back in 2010 pre-Basenotes forum - was the last bottle I finished (early this year). I will only re-purchase this as a gift for my father who seems to like it.


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    Dior Higher Energy. Won't repurchase it. I am getting close to finishing bottles of L'eau D'Issey and Canali, but I already have the 2012 summer version of the L'eau D'Issey on hand so I won't be rebuying the original for quite a while.

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    Nuit Etoilee-Annick Goutal Very underrated, will definitely get more.
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    Just now finishing a bottle of Ava Luxe No. 23, but have already purchased a new bottle and the oil. The bottle was only 15ml, and was finished in 2 years.

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    chanel platinum egoiste was my last bottle i finished what great scent, simply have to have this one in my collection

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    Ungaro III (30 ml)

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    Jicky extrait.
    Have plenty of backups, so all's well.

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    I'm just on the last few drops of both Dolce and Gabbana Red and Laura Biagiotti Roma, but I have a back up bottle of both.
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    Just finished a bottle of Guerlain Vetiver that I bought in 2006. Not planning to replace it immediately, but I wouldn't be surprised if I bought it again at some point...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken_Russell View Post
    Ungaro III (30 ml)
    Surprising how fast 30ml can go empty

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    Last bottle was Hugo Energise very good and underrated hugo scent, but have other things I want to try out and give a run.

    Before that it was a 1oz of ADG got a 100ml bottle as a gift, would not have buy a replacement myself.

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    Default Re: The Last

    Last on I finished is Riverside Drive by Bond No.9, I am not planing to get to my hands on it again. IMO it is good, but not great and I readfy have many bottles that I can use for a decade.
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    -------- Terre D'Hermès Pure Parfum
    ------ EDP FM: Carnal Flower
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    Default Re: The Last

    By the time I finish a bottle, I am tired of it...NOT to detract from my original excitement for the frag, but I get tired of the status quo...I last finished Eternity for Men and won't be buying it again.
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    Default Last bottle

    Hermes voyage

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