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    Default Best vessel for handbag decants and Decant Supplies - UK

    What decant vessel do you prefer for your handbag/out and about?

    I like the idea of roller-top as I like to apply lightly and am not keen on creating sillage. However the decontamination (especially sediment - ew!) thing puts me off.

    Sprays I could do, but I like to apply small/measurable amounts with minimal sillage, and I dislike the way you can't really control how much comes out of a spray.

    What is a splash bottle? Are these the vials with a dipstick or something just with a lid? How do you 'splash' a small amount of EdP? And is there not a contamination risk with a dipstick as much as with a rollerball?

    Finally, where is best to purchase these in the UK? I'd like glass or aluminium.

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    Default Re: Best vessel for handbag decants and Decant Supplies - UK

    I personally dislike roller-tops because I have problems controlling them - actually, I think it is difficult to control how much comes out. I don't think contamination will be an issue, though, hair won't get stuck in it, and you are not rubbing the skin.

    Splash simply means that they only have a cap and then one can pour from them. In extraits, one simply uses the cap to dab on the skin. The problem is that for regular fragrances, one has to dab dozens of times, there is very little liquid being transferred with a dab. As you say, there are small vials with a plastic sticks, but there's not much else on the market like that. I have seen small glass bottles (up to 15ml) with a dab stick for perfumed oils (which require a small quantity), but as said, they are somewhat impractical for regular edp or edt.

    I would just stick with travel spray bottles. The spray does give more oomph at the beginning, but after a while, the effect is gone, all that matters is how much frag you have put on.


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    Default Re: Best vessel for handbag decants and Decant Supplies - UK

    I transfer some potent fragrances to 1ml steel rollerballs (

    Before refilling, clean them out with a bit of alcohol. Then refill from the main bottle.
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    Default Re: Best vessel for handbag decants and Decant Supplies - UK

    I think sprayers would seem to be the best choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fraghead93 View Post
    I think sprayers would seem to be the best choice.
    I agree. That's what I'm going to go for. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate your thoughts.

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