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    Default How To Not Smell Like Her (or his) Ex

    There's a GQ piece about scent called How To Not Smell Like Her Ex that's making the rounds. I saw it on Flipboard. It's pretty much a zero content piece ("Wear something unique")... but still, the thought is worth considering. Here's a quote:

    Not long ago, I went to the airport to pick up a guy I liked. When he walked into baggage claim I went in for the hug, but then—woof!—it hit me. His cologne. A classic vanilla cologne. That had also been worn by an ex who'd treated me badly (and kissed even worse). Here he was again, in the airspace of New Guy.
    I've never had this happen to me, but a few years ago I tried setting up two friends on a date. When I checked in with one of them the next day as to see how their evening went, she said "He smelled like Brian. I couldn't get past it." Brian was her ex.

    When I asked my buddy if he wore cologne on their date, he said yes. And if you think about scents guys that aren't into fragrances usually wear, I'm willing to bet you already know what he was wearing that night.

    There's no way to be sure you don't wear the same scent as anyone your date previously dated... but I'm a huge believer in avoiding the major best sellers for the first few dates. The funny thing is, the search for a unique scent to wear on a date was what first got me to start reading basenotes. And it's where I discovered Gucci Pour Homme II, which turned out to be a great first date scent.

    Anyway... just thought I'd pass this along as food for thought.
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    Default Re: How To Not Smell Like Her (or his) Ex

    'He smelled like Brian.' - hehe - one of the nicer things that I've read today

    But worth considering.

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    Default Re: How To Not Smell Like Her (or his) Ex

    Quote Originally Posted by lpp View Post
    But worth considering.
    For sure.

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    Default Re: How To Not Smell Like Her (or his) Ex

    I switch up everyday, so hopefully any dates I go on I don't wear the same fragrance a date's ex wore.
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    Default Re: How To Not Smell Like Her (or his) Ex

    Great post. Thank you.

    Let's hope the ex was not a perfumisto.
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    Default Re: How To Not Smell Like Her (or his) Ex

    I wouldn't feel like it's my fault if a woman has dated 5000 men and thus has smelled it all.

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