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    Default Comparison of Coco Formulations

    About to run out of my Coco EDP bottle. I got this one from my mom, and I think it's about 4 years old. I've ever only used the EDP of Coco, but I wonder if there are any differences between the perfume, the EDT and the EDP. Which would you recommend?


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    Default Re: Comparison of Coco Formulations

    I have been very familiar with Coco EdP over the years. This time it is not me who wears it, but I smell it regularly around me. There almost seems to be a unanimous view that the EdP is the way to go. I happened to try the new extrait on skin last summer. While I liked it a lot (even making me think of a bottle), I would not have recognized it as Coco at all (rather green and fresher instead of oriental plushness).

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    Default Re: Comparison of Coco Formulations

    Because of Larimar's suggestion in another thread I recently tried both of the current formulations, the extrait and the EdP. Shortly afterwards I felt quite uncomfortable sitting in the aircraft. It was almost a feeling of embarrassment as the scents turned out to smell somehow vulgar to me. I went to the lavatory to scrub it.
    I haven't been able to make some scentific research about the different concentrations.
    But I have to confess that the only way I can wear Coco is dabbing the (vintage) extrait. Maybe I am bit to shy for this fragrance's attitude.

    It seemed to me they mixed the harshness of vintage N°19 into this adorable „oriental plushness”.

    I recommend to look out for testers and decide on your own. And vintage (however dated) versions can surely be found on ebay, if you find the new ones disappointing.

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    Default Re: Comparison of Coco Formulations

    The edt is nice but the "real" Coco IMO is to be found in the edp concentration.
    I remember hesitating between the edt and the edp, finally got the edp, and I do not regret my choice.

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    Default Re: Comparison of Coco Formulations

    Interesting thread, since I am toying with the idea of getting Coco EDP. Go on, please!

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    Default Re: Comparison of Coco Formulations

    I agree that the edt isn't really Coco at all, and it never was ...but then again, even the current edp is hardly what it once was. But I'd say the parfum, edp and body cream are all still as good as it gets unless you're up to the vintage hunt.

    There's more info here that might help -
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