So, I've tried probably a dozen Jo Malones, and own a couple of 1oz bottles.
I feel many of the typical comments ring true with regard to them, I think; they're soft, natural smelling, arguably over-priced, fairly short-lived, clean and pleasant.

Words I wouldn't use to describe them, however, include challenging and complex, unless you refer to the challenge of having to smell like a chocolate orange from wearing their new Sugar and Spice range.
I bought Black Vetyver Cafe because it was so damned nice, and I thought it was as close to complex as the range got.


Pomegranate Noir came along and opened my eyes. It is the one Malone frag that I can't say for certainty whether I like it or not. It wavers between smoky/dry and juicy/semi-sweet. I mean there's fruit, spice, wood, musk, florals and a whole bunch more in there. I've tried it twice and can't get a good read on it.

I'd love to hear from you guys about any experiences with Jo Malone fragrances that you find complex, or even just the Malones you find to be standouts amongst the range. PN has definitely thrown me for a loop.