Good Morning guys,

Soon I'm going to be departing on a business trip which is throughout the United States, I am going to be at several airports and states through a period of about 25 days, following are the perfumes I will be looking keenly for and if any of you could help me out with it and let me know the best price i can get it for at retail shop's, boutiques and duty free's (If it's available at multiple locations)

The fragrances I will be looking for are :

--- Christian Dior Homme Intense.

--- L'instant De Guerlain Extreme.

--- Somewhere i can sample Amouage
products and then buy the smallest
size available.

--- Chanel Allure Homme Sport/Eau Extreme.

--- 24 Gold by Scent Story.

--- Oil's by Surrati and Swiss Arabian ( Oudy
woody, tom oudh, black aoud etc.)

--- A 1-5ml sample of the 1926 Guerlain Djedi.

--- Any others that I would get for a really
good price and you advice I should get it.

Following are the airports and cities are shall be flying from and visiting.

--- Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport ( India, Maharashtra )

--- 2 Hours of layover at London Heathrow Airport.

--- Arrive at Los Angeles airport.

--- The City Of LA (5 Days.)

--- The City of Las Vegas ( 2 Days.)

--- Lake Tahoe (6 Days.)

--- The City of San Francisco ( 3 Days.)

--- San Francisco airport.

--- London Heathrow airport

--- Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport ( India, Maharashtra )

--- End Of Journey---

With each of these purchases do I get some samples automatically ?
Or will I have to ask for them ?
Say for example if I purchase something from the Dior boutique, am I
entitled to sample's of my choice ?
In India you are only given a sample vial if you make a minimum purchase
ranging from 65-75 $, nothing is given except sampling with the tester
if you don't make a purchase.

Also how much perfume am I allowed to carry while flying in my baggage
and are there any size related restrictions ?
Should I carry the perfumes in my check in baggage or my cabin baggage ?

Your advice is extremely important to me as in a country like India, the choice of perfumes are pretty limited and if your on basenotes, then looking at what limited brands they offer, its just not enough.

Thank You For Your Time.


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