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    Default The L'HBI Swap List

    Gucci Pour Homme, 2003, 100ml, with cap, in box, still sealed. (purchased as a backup)

    I'll swap it for one of these:
    - Histoires de Parfums 1725
    - Andy Warhol (purple bottle with Andy's face)
    - TDC De Bachmakov

    Below, I've split stuff up into group A and B.
    I'm looking for Dior Homme or Tom Ford Black Orchid.
    I'll give a bottle from group A plus a bottle from group B:

    Group A:
    - M7 Oud Absolu - 2.7oz/80ml, 95% full
    - Halston Man Amber - 4.2oz, 99% full
    - Bentley Intense - 100ml, 95% full

    Group B:
    - Zino - 1oz, 100% full
    - White Musk for men - 100ml, 99% full
    - Zirh Ikon - 120ml, 98% full
    - Curve Soul - 100ml, 50% full
    - Dirty English - 100ml, 98% full
    - Bora Bora - 100ml, 85% full
    - Rectoverso Man Tea Tobacco - 100ml, 99% full

    I'll swap an Amouage sample for a spray sample of Chergui.
    I have Journey Man, Jubilation XXV & Epic Man.

    Continental U.S. Only.
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    Default Re: The L'HBI Swap List

    EDIT. Nuttin' to see here.
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    "Follow your nose. It always knows." -- Toucan Sam

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    Default Re: The L'HBI Swap List

    I got este Lauder pleasure for men but not a full bottle. Maybe 15ml left if you want to work something out. I can send you pics of it if u like

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