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    Default Sville l'Aube vs. Rubj

    What happens when LAP's Sville l'Aube meets Vero Profumo's Rubj? Find out here!


    Battle of the Orange Blossom Beauties (Edited) Smaller.jpg

    Which do you prefer, and why?

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    Default Re: Sville l'Aube vs. Rubj

    Funny post, I'll try!
    I love and own both- a FB of Sville, a decant of Rubj- so I can't possibly vote. Sville is easier to wear, for me, Rubj can be a bit overpowering, but I love it in summer, when it underlines the salty, cuminous notes of warm skin
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    Default Re: Sville l'Aube vs. Rubj

    Great post -- makes me want to try them both (individually and together)... there's always something more to try

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    Default Re: Sville l'Aube vs. Rubj

    iodine: I know what you mean by it can be overpowering! Thank goodness my skin tends to swallow scent, so something with a bit of an oomph is usually preferred. And yes, Rubj does smell like warm skin doesn't it?

    SaNielsen: Thanks! Definitely try them both individually first, then when you do try them together you wonder how 2 perfumes by 2 different perfumers can work together so well!

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    Default Re: Sville l'Aube vs. Rubj

    Neither of the two really floats my boat (I am very very picky), but I appreciate your graphics -- witty exchange and masterfully drawn. Thanks for posting it.
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    Default Re: Sville l'Aube vs. Rubj

    I have smelled Seville a l'Aube, and I don't remember it being exceptional (will retry). Rubj, at least in the edp, is interesting, a sort of tuberose-wormwood-passionfruit thang.

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    Default Re: Sville l'Aube vs. Rubj

    Seville is a winner for me.
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    Default Re: Sville l'Aube vs. Rubj

    I voted for Rubj, although both are flawed. Seville made it pretty plain and dull - the benzoine is too pronounced plus it lacks something 'dirty', earthy. :-D

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