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Thread: Old Fragrance?

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    Hello everyone,

    So recently, I bought a bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male from I had previously gotten a sample of Le Male from my local Sephora, and I enjoyed it, so I decided to buy it. When it came in the mail, I opened it and sprayed it on. The opening seemed to be identical to the opening of the tester; however, once it dried down on my skin a bit, I could smell a bit of a stale note in it that was not present in the tester. So my guess is that I got an old bottle? I'm pretty sure fragrancenet doesn't sell fakes judging from reviews...but I guess my question is what exactly would an old/bad cologne smell like?

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    Could be. Or it could have been stored incorrectly. There are quite a few reasons why it had a stale smell.
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    Wait a few days and try it again and see if your experience is the same. It might smell different to you the second time.

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    I doubt it's different, especially if it came in a box.

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    Fragrancenet tends to sale older bottles, which is why it's so affordable compared to department stores etc. The one you smelled at sephora was probably a 2012 or 2013 formulation and lately I keep hearing that batches are coming out different or there are reformulations going on with Le Male. I think it's true because I have a 2.5 oz bottle of Le Male from the early 2000's and a bottle from 2009 and they smell almost identical but the lavender, vanilla, and mint in the old bottle is more balanced as opposed to the 2009 bottle that is basically liquid mint. It might be that you received an older formulation. Is Gaultier engraved in the back on the bottle where the neckline of the torso is at? If so, I believe those came out in 08 or 09 and have been that way from then on but if not, then you have an older formulation.

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    Its probably just your nose smelling different notes on different days. It was novel when you first tested it and now on retest you are just sensing it differently. There are threads like this every few days and i doubt all those people are buying off bottles. happens to me all the time also. I doubt fragnet has very old bottles since LeMale is a huge seller and their turnover is probably very high.
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    Your nose is becoming more sophisticated! Le Male does have a stale note in it normally which you may not have identified on your first testing.

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    I wish that were the case! However, I still have a bit of the sample from Sephora, and i don't detect that note at all in it...I'm thinking it might have been the reformulation or something because as previously mentioned, my "GAUTIER" is imprinted on the back of the bottle near the collar..

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    Ive heard the current formula is a bit weaker,
    The formula was tweaked.

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