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    Default I blind bought Pure Malt

    I blind bought Pure Malt since it went back on sale last week and I bought into the hype surrounding it. Am I just missing something from this fragrance? It has a ton of hype and rave reviews behind it but honestly I'm not seeing what the fuss is about. It's certainly not bad at all but I'm really just getting a toned down A-Men vibe from it and not that much more (I like it much better than A-men though).

    I hear alot about it being an amazing night-out/clubbing fragrance as well but I really don't see this fulfilling that purpose better than a 1 Million or La Nuit. It might just be the inexperience of my nose (I'm rather new to the fragrance game) but I definitely prefer these two to Pure Malt.

    I bought it off Amazon which doesn't take returns on Pure Malt so I was wondering what would be the most efficient way to resell or trade this bottle? I'm looking for Spicebomb/Bleu De Chanel/DHI if anyone would be interested .
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    Default Re: I blind bought Pure Malt

    Why not try eBay?

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    Default Re: I blind bought Pure Malt

    ^+1. I sell the bottles I don't want on ebay. Not going to get what you paid, prolly, but its sumpin.
    Now you know, no blind buys. I still haven't sold all of mine off yet...

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    Default Re: I blind bought Pure Malt

    I'd keep it around for a few weeks and sample it a few more times. You just might wind up changing your mind about it.

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    Default Re: I blind bought Pure Malt

    Pure Malt has been overhyped for sure. The original A*Men is best and better for clubs but what I think makes Pure Malt interesting is the authentic whiskey note. That's most likely why it's so praised. It's unique and at the time of its initial release, no other designer house was really creating anything remotely innovating so I'm sure with Pure Malt's success, many houses started adding boozier notes to their scents and trying to cash in. It's an above average scent in my opinion but nothing overly spectacular. It still stands out from all other designers. Try A*Men original. That's a beast that cannot be tamed for sure!

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    Default Re: I blind bought Pure Malt

    Just keep it. You might change your mind about it after a few days.

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    Default Re: I blind bought Pure Malt

    It is good but not amazing. Its brand name and the unique notes make it overhyped. It is better than most of the designers for sure though.

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    Default Re: I blind bought Pure Malt

    I agree about just holding onto it a little longer. I've come around to love frags I've been "so-so" on when I first tested them. If you still don't like it after another month or two and a few more testings, then sell it off on ebay. A month or two delay won't affect the value you'll receive in any way, nor will the amount of juice you'd use in just a couple more testings, so you really have nothing to lose.

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    Default Re: I blind bought Pure Malt

    ebay if you are sure

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    Default Re: I blind bought Pure Malt

    I held off on buying for a long while after it was reintroduced, because of the hype. I bought it and I love it! I really think all of the Thierry Muglers are well done. I love how they took the A*men base and just replaced the tar note with each flanker's own respective note. i.e whiskey, Coffee, cherry, etc. I am very happy to have Pure Malt, Pure Coffee, and Pure Havane in my collection. Also, as others have said, keep it around and revisit it in a few days. When i first tested LIDGE, it was an absolute scrubber for me. I put it away for a couple of weeks and it has come become my most worn fragrance. I'm actually already reconsidering my first impression of Sel Marin from yesterday. Just my 2 cents....
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    Default Re: I blind bought Pure Malt

    Great fragrance imo, I agree with everyone else just hold on to it and give it a few more wearings.

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    Default Re: I blind bought Pure Malt

    id give it a few tries as well.... Its pretty spotty on my skin.... Sometimes it smells great and I get some of that chocolate vibe and the dry down is awesome.. Other times its just really meh on me.. In a I guess this isnt a bad smell but why would I want to smell like this? Sorta feel. Its unfortunate to cuz sometimes I feel the need to try and spray more in hopes I get that chocolate and I only end up getting that malty rasberry thing going on and I have to smell that all day blah...

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    Default Re: I blind bought Pure Malt

    Lovely top notes, the rest isn't pulse raising. Good but massively hyped.

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    Default Re: I blind bought Pure Malt

    Thanks for the input guys, I'll hold on to it for now and see how much I like it in a month or so before reselling.

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