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    Default Re: Have you ever smelt in your dream?

    Quote Originally Posted by craniumbash View Post
    It may be considered good luck to smell something pleasant in your dream and opposite for bad smells.
    Hmm, I actually won quite a bit of cash, last time I smelled something in my dream.

    Quote Originally Posted by Graphite View Post
    You lucky guys! I can fly in my dreams – but smelling? Unfortunately not.
    I usually do a LOT of flying (and shooting fireballs from my hands...) in my dreams
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    Default Re: Have you ever smelt in your dream?

    Funny you ask this question because last night I dreamt I was testing the fresh new Hermes Eau de Narcisse Bleu! And I was trying very very hard to smell something! I got nothing from it despite spraying like a fool. It must be the "Ellena touch"
    I ended up trying something else and I don't know how to explain it, but it was clear I was getting orange blossom. I must add that I'm not a huge fan of orange blossom!

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    Default Re: Have you ever smelt in your dream?

    I once had a dream in which I smelled Original Vetiver by Creed, though strangely at the time I had yet to actually smell it. Luckily, my dreams didn't disappoint and now it is one of my favorites and quite high on my "To-Get" list.

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    Default Re: Have you ever smelt in your dream?

    Never smelt in my dreams. Salmon once, but not smelt.
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    Default Re: Have you ever smelt in your dream?

    You can't actually smell in your dreams but you can dream a reaction to certain smell. I dreamt about a month ago that I don't like Boss Bottled for some reason - I could not actually feel the smell in a dream XD

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